COLLI independent art gallery presents the exhibition The Pitcher by Franco Ariaudo, second project room of the program dedicated to emerging artists. The program is linked with a series of residences aimed to establish a relationship with the city, understood as a cultural and research territory. Since several years Franco Ariaudo explores the life of the images between aggression and sport. For this study-exhibition curated by Fabio Cafagna, the artist chooses to show the common physical root (material, corporeal) of only apparently different actions. On one hand are arranged the extreme gestures of struggle and rebellion, the heroism and brutality of those who fight, on the other the portly poses of the athlete, that special gesture,  accurately decoded, that is the socially accepted residue (and welcome) of ancient games and archaic bullying. For the occasion is published a small book dedicated to the theme of the launch, with stories of pitchers from Mirone to ours days.
The Pitcher is part of a wider research entitled Sportification, communities, competitiveness and games without borders, which the outcomes, result of three years of studies, will be presented in form of publication for the exhibition, with specific contributions of different curators and scholars of competitiveness in the recreational-social european space. SPORTIFICATION BOOK