Roberto De Simone | 15.01 – 21.02.2016
Per dipingere i venti per disegnare dal vero


“Capture a fleeting moment and transform it into infinity” could be the key to decipher the multifaceted work of Roberto De Simone. His work is poetic: sublime but rational, audacious, ironic and dazzling. Since the early eighties he worked in an array of media: objects, drawings, explosives, lights, natural phenomena, technical devices, video, audio, photographs and installations. From space launches to canned objects that could possibly generate real events, his visions came to life: images not only intrinsically linked to words, but also the result of accurate scientific research. The exhibition, curated by Myriam Laplante, presents emblematic works of his poetics of infinity. The installations are devices designed not only as mere works but conceived to produce and multiply the sign, to paint the winds, to draw from reality.

In occasion of the exhibition, Viaindustriae publishing with COLLI publishing platform has edited a book, the result of an exhaustive cataloguing of the work of Roberto De Simone. VIEW BOOK