Olympia ’72 | 02.04 – 07.05.2016
Joseph Beuys, Alberto Burri, Piero Dorazio, Klaus Staeck, Ettore Vitale, Wolf Vostell


The thematic outline, indirectly linked to the 1972 Olympics, is positioned within the large European sport operations such as the Olympic and social policies of enlargement of the sport political entities. The medium of the poster is dealt within this context both as a form of official communication and as unconventional artistic form or counter-notice. Olympia ’72 thus speaks of the famous XX Olympics in Monaco, called The Happy Games, in fact become the scene of the conflict on a European and global scale with the tragic, competitive and media background of the sport.

The exhibition of the printed matter works of Joseph Beuys, Alberto Burri, Piero Dorazio, Klaus Staeck, Ettore Vitale, Wolf Vostell is part of the wider research project-book SPORTIFICATION, conceived as second of a series of displays that anticipate the release of book. Sportification, communities, competitiveness and games without borders, which the outcomes, result of three years of studies, will be presented in form of publication for the exhibition, with specific contributions of different curators and scholars of competitiveness in the recreational-social european space. The exhibition accompanies the bookshop space that opens the ED/MN edited by MN program, a shelf dedicated to the artist/publisher Maurizio Nannucci which also features a poster and a plate/invitation designed for the gallery in a limited edition. ED/MN edited by MN is a prelude to the exhibition THINK by Maurizio Nannucci opening on June 4th at COLLI independent art gallery.