17.12.2017 - 14.03.2017


The Italian-German artist presents a photographic project based on the television show Games Without Frontiers. Special attention is paid to the 1995 TV episode that took place in Castello Sforzesco in Milan: an architecturally monumental scenery, a backdrop enriched with ephemeral sets for the sports challenge broadcast in “Eurovision”. The photographic series by Armin Linke conceived for the space at Colli’s will be accompanied by 12 photographs from the Media Linien archive, part of a larger project on the work of the architect Hans Hollein and originally commissioned by the MAK Museum in Vienna and Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach. The archive focuses on the architectural complex projected by Hollein in Munich for the 1972 Olympic Games. Media Linien is part of a larger research based on “architecture, sports and society”.
The exhibition is the last of a series of shows hosted by Colli on Sportication, community, competitions and games without frontiers, a research project dealing with social and recreative spaces during the European Community crisis. Two editorial formats have been produced for this occasion: Media Linien, a limited edition portfolio/multiple by Armin Linke, edited exclusively for the gallery, and the book Sporti cation, published by Viaindustriae with Colli Publishing Platform, that will be launched during the exhibition, that will last until February 11th, 2017. Downstairs, the fourth Project Book presents Federico Antonini’s ASMR Library. Antonini reconstructs and traces the recent approaches to books through ASMR videos, with a particular interest in “tactile” representations uploaded on video-sharing platforms. ASMR Library introduces a totally altered format with new unmediated concepts of sensorial perception.