18.03.2017 - 22.04.2017


The project, conceived expressly for Colli, arises from the interest of Giulia Filippi for the historical architecture of Rome that has been designed and built with a peculiar relation to the sky. The survey pays particular attention to the monument of the Pantheon, interpreted as a useful tool to read the sky and observe atmospheric phenomena. The central opening (oculus) located in the dome – understood as archetype of the vision – becomes the eye through which is possible to have an experience of sidereal space. The works produced for the exhibition reflect upon bright radiations, levitation and expansion, flight, the relation between sky and earth that is possible to perceive in- side the Pantheon, the sun and the stars, their physicality, their explosive and bright energies. The gallery’s space becomes the place in which all the investigations, realized with stones’ dust and yeasts, feathers, watermarked papers and luminous device, are arranged in mutual dialogue. For the occasion Giulia Filippi will produce an artist’s book, titled “PANTHEON”, that gathers “impressions” related to the cosmo, and realized in solar photo paper – in a limited edition of four copies, numbered and signed.

1-Filippi-copiainst-view-filippi-copia filippi-4-copia