COLLI independent Art Gallery presents the third edition of the Project Room for emerging artists, with Models of Display- Tonino Casula (our most beloved techno-archaic artist), by Montecristo Project with Tonino Casula and curated by Daniela Cotimbo. Montecristo Project is the continuation of Occhio Riflesso with Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau and various guest artists invited by the Sardinian duo. Occhio Riflesso was based on the necessity to ponder on the spectator’s point of view in an exhibition, on a common language to be used in the installation captions and printed material. Montecristo Project builds events based on artists that have (or have not) caught the audience’s attention. The title of the project, inspired by Dumas’ novel, stems from its location: the exhibitions are installed on a desert island off the Sardinian coast. Given the secret emplacement, a seventeenth century Spanish observation tower renovated during World War II, the exhibitions are viewed only through the documentation created by the artists. The second project on the island is a solo show by Sardinian artist Tonino Casula (1931), a pioneer in electronic arts. Best known for his writings on art and semiotics, Casula radically gave up painting at the end of the eighties and started a long investigation of what he calls “abstract cinema”.
This is the first time that an exhibition on the island coincides with the presentation of the documentation in a gallery space, Colli Independent in Rome. The Roman public will thus be able to explore Casula’s work through a “partial” image registered by the artists of what lies on the island. The downstairs room will host an unfiltered unreleased video by Tonino Casula. A poster-catalogue of Casula’s project on the island has been printed for the occasion. Montecristo Project is an exhibition space on a desert island off the coast of Sardinia, a continuation of the Occhio Riflesso project by Enrico Piras (1987) and Alessandro Sau (1981). Montecristo is both an artistic-curatorial structure and a platform for the publication of theoretical texts.Tonino Casula was born in Seulo in 1931. His work has always been based on vision and perception. He radically abandoned traditional techniques in 1988 to investigate electronic arts. In the past 15 years, he has created unique and recognizable pieces of “abstract cinema” (as he likes to call it), by recuperating ancestral signs and forms and transposing them into an electronic language, especially in his 3d video animations.

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