Katinka Bock was born in 1976 in Frankfort and lives between Paris and Berlin. She studied in Berlin and Lyon, was a resident artist at Villa Médici and winner of the Dorothea von Stetten Prize from the Kunstmuseum Bonn and the Ricard Prize. She is principally a sculpture artist, but also works on lm, photography and publishing. Her work deals with questions about language, communal space and sharing. She articulates vocabulary of forms and effects: terracotta, textiles, ow of liquids, straps and webbing, fruit and other ckle materials, arranged together in collections which sometimes appear precarious and vulnerable, other times solid and ready to endure for thousands of years. Her sculptures are the result of an event, sometimes contradictory to the material used. Each of these installations de nes a space, and often seems to wrestle against the claustrophobia of the exhibition spaces, looking for the wall to create an opening, a door or a window by which to escape, or to let in air or rain. She regularly edits other artists’ work as well as working in close collaboration with Paraguay Press Paris (Worte, Werke) and Roma Publications, Amsterdam (“Pazifik” et “Any”).

sinistra o destra, diptychon, b/w photograph, 30×45 cm, ed. 2/4 +1AP

solo o, b/w photograph, 30×45 cm, ed. 2/4 +1AP

Monotype, diptychon, 63 x 94 cm, ed. 2/3 +1AP