20/10/2018 - 15/12/2018


49 years ago Robert Smithson made his first earthwork Asphalt Rundown in October 1969 in an abandoned quarry near Rome with Galleria L’Attico. This exhibition and publication brings together rare and previously unpublished material from the Archivio Claudio Abate  and Fabio Sargentini (Galleria L’Attico) documenting the iconic flow and the exhibition Smithson realized inside Galleria L’Attico, as well as sculptures and video works from Markus Karstiess  who made a dig for the remains of the asphalt in 2014.
In the exhibition With the Eyes of the Earth, conceived by Markus Karstiess, the artist practices what in some places might be called artistic research. That is to say, rather, Markus Karstiess is following through in a personal quest in this exhibition, into what remains of Robert Smithson’s Asphalt Rundown (1969), located in Rome. Karstiess finds himself in the combined role of artist-curator. This already provides a glimpse into the complex nature of his artistic oeuvre, a lens to the exhibition itself, which in turn consists of diverse visible and invisible individual components. The display consists of the Scholar’s Rocks sculptures by Karstiess, Claudio Abate’s photography of the Smitshon’s land art action, the rare original poster and ephemera produced by L’Attico gallery and downstairs the video Was die Erde sieht that records the exploration of the site of Asphalt Rundown.
An accompanying publication with texts by Sylvia Metz and Friedrich Meschede is published by A+Mbookstore edizioni, Milano and VIAINDUSTRIAE PUBLISHING, Foligno. LINK TO THE BOOK