Franco Ariaudo - Faster Than Christ
Project room #7


Project-room 7
curated by Sergey Kantsedal

COLLI independent art gallery
via di Monserrato 40, Roma

opening: Friday 1st March 6.30 pm
1st March / 18th May 2019

Faster than Christ is a thorough investigation, an artistic and theo-philosophical challenge in transforming anything that appears impossible to accomplish by human beings into something feasible, just by shifting the point of view. The project-exhibition by Franco Ariaudo focus on how to run on the surface of water, turning the biblical tale into a plastic-sculptural series, a site-specific installation for the gallery that generates objects and “techno-gym” multiples.

The exhibition is accompanied by the artist book “Basilisco”, edited by Colli independent art gallery, Viaindustriae publishing, with the graphic project by Friends make books. https://www.colli-independent.com/store/products/basilisco-how-to-run-on-water