YES YES YES Revolutionary Press in Italy
1966-1977 from Mondo Beat to Zut


AA.VV., editor Viaindustriae publishing & A+Mbookstore with Colli publishing platform, 1000 copies, bw + red pantone, 544 pp, 24 x 17 cm, it/eng, 2020.


Yes Yes Yes Revolutionary Press in Italy indaga la scena italiana della stampa rivoluzionaria di “organi” editoriali in foglio, giornale, rivista, ciclostilato, bollettino, fascicolo, alcuni quotidiani altri periodici, spesso irregolari, altri aperiodici di cui molti numeri unici in reiterata attesa di autorizzazione… La febbrile attività tipografica si lega alla serrata politico-ideologica, antagonista e contro-culturale di un periodo di lotta, conquista di spazi civili, aree di libertà e di creatività sociale. In questo volume si censiscono e selezionano criticamente più di 600 stampati usciti tra il 1966 e il 1977. Questa ricerca è la continuazione naturale della corposa pubblicazione, uscita nel 2014 ed edita dagli stessi editori: Yes Yes Yes, Alternative press, 66-77 from Provo to Punk, curata da Emanuele De Donno ed Amedeo Martegani. Quel primo volume esaminava il ruolo della stampa alternativa, underground e controculturale europea ed americana in un periodo fiorente: 1966-1977; questa nuova edizione si concentra sulla scena italiana, la cui ampia strategia di “connivenze” e la frastagliata geografia regionale hanno posto la necessità, per sezionare tematicamente il percorso, di dare una visione allargata dei mezzi di stampa alternativa, non solo underground, indipendenti e contro-culturali, ma anche della contro-informazione, della editoria “schierata” ultra-radicale politica quindi ideologica. Il nucleo consistente di testate censite nella prolifica rete italiana che si allarga anche alle province è stata reperita grazie ai contributi di archivi messi in rete, collezionisti, cultori, editori e attivisti da tutta Italia che costituiscono una geografia sommersa dell’editoria contro-culturale italiana ma anche di un collezionismo resistente e ragionato. Questi mezzi stampa documentano una ricerca di cultura radicale, di autori e co-autori, promotori/artisti di cultura libera ed alternativa, distribuita in formati di confine e sperimentali.

Yes Yes Yes Revolutionary Press in Italy investigates the Italian scene of Revolutionary Press and editorial “organs” printed as news sheets, newspapers, magazines, mimeographs, pamphlets, some daily papers and magazines, other discontinuous publications including single editions printed while awaiting authorization… Sometimes the journals were a one time only supplement or attachment, ephemeral and volatile. The dynamic printing activities were linked to the political, ideological, antagonist and counter-cultural struggle of a period of protest and occupation of civil spaces, areas of freedom and social creativity. A critical selection of over 600 publications printed between 1966 and 1977 are cataloged in this book. This research is the natural continuation of the substantial publication, released in 2014 and published by the same publishers: Yes Yes Yes, Alternative press, 66-77 from Provo to Punk, curated by Emanuele De Donno and Amedeo Martegani. That first volume examined the role of European, American alternative, underground and counter-cultural press in a flourishing period: 1966-1977; this new edition focuses, on the same frame of time, on the Italian scene which extensive strategy of “connivance” and the disparate regional geography, has made it necessary, in order to thematically section the topic, to offer a wide view not only of the underground, independent and counter-cultural alternative press media but also of counter-information, ultra-radical political and ideological publications. The substantial selection of magazine collected in the prolific Italian network that also extends to the provinces was found thanks to the contributions of archives, collectors, scholars, publishers and activists from all over Italy who constitute submerged geography of the Italian counter-cultural publishing but also of a resistant and structured collecting process. These “printed media” document a research of radical culture, of authors and co-authors, promoters/artists of free and alternative culture, distributed in experimental formats.

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Artist book, edition of 25 copies + 5 artist proof, numbered and signed, containing the 32 pages catalog and 4 different painting each signed, screenprint on leather color cardboard 820 gsm, 43 x 28.5 cm, 2019. Produced for the exhibition Sinossi (bon voyage) by Pesce Khete, Rome 2019. GO TO SHOP


BASILISCO (how to run on water)
Franco Ariaudo


Basilisco (o come correre sull’acqua)
Basilisk (or how to run on water)
Василиск (или как бегать по воде)

The book is the very basis for a broader discussion about the challenges of transforming anything that appears impossible to accomplish by human beings into something feasible, just by shifting the point of view. It is a guide/vademecum with instructions concerning the challenge to run on the water from different perspectives and multidisciplinary fields. A detailed discussion on several levels to analyze the theme of the project from different points of view: when, how and in what way is the image of walking on water in different religions used and expressed at the theological level? What animal species are able to perform this action and in which particular conditions are they forced to do it? What are the physical forces put in place and what are the prerequisites that would allow a person to run on water? And so on.

Texts by:

Cristiano Ghibaudo (business coach), Riccardo Mangione (project manager), Daniele Sciannandrone (phisicist), Gianni Magrin (theologian), Massimo Delfino e Marco Isaia (herpetologist and paleontologist)

Illustration by: Franco Ariaudo Graphic design by: Friends Make Books (Torino) Viaindustriae publishing e Colli publishing platform Risograph

digital and offset softcover illustrated 144 pages, 300 copies, Italian/English/Russian size: 14x21cm,2018


People Of Lentini
Self-image culture, 1972-1980


The portraits in this book were made by Franco Lanteri in Lentini, a town located in south-east Sicily. He was part of a generation of photographers in 1950s Italy that learned by doing. Lanteri’s job in this provincial town covered a range of social ceremonies, such as weddings, birthdays, and baptisms, but also ID photos. Here the averted gazes of the nameless subjects, their almost three-quarters poses, and use of lights and black-and-white film are aspects that seem entirely contrary to today’s canons of photography for identification documents. Compiled as large-format reproductions, they reflect a narrative approach, or perhaps one more befitting to an anthropological investigation.

By Lanteri Salvo
Published by A+Mbookstorewith Colli publishing platform
Printed by Grafiche C.M.F Foligno, (PG), Italy
Edition of 1000 copies
21.5 x 30 cm (softcover)
400 pages (b/w ill.)
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ED/MN edited by Maurizio Nannucci
edition and multiples 1967 - 2016


The volume, an annotated catalogue of all the artist’s editions and multiples from 1967 to the present day, is edited by Maurizio Nannucci and published by Viaindustriae with Colli publishing platform. Nannucci’s editions and multiples, which occupy a central and constant place in his work, are catalogued within the framework of this wide-ranging and prolific publication, involving leading museums, researchers and numerous international artists. The catalogue raisonné of Maurizio Nannucci Editions is organised into sections (multiples, photographs/prints/posters, catalogues, editions, artist’s books, audiovisuals, ephemera contributions) and contains chronological descriptions of his works from 1967 to the present day. Alongside these is an anthology of texts by Carlo Belloli, Christophe Cherix, Stefano Chiodi, Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Gabriele Detterer, Mario Diacono, Maurizio Nannucci, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Pier Luigi Tazzi and Tommaso Trini. The corpus of more than three hundred editions, including artist’s books, multiples, discs, manifestos, prints, photos, ephemera and audiovisuals, documents various moments in Nannucci’s extraordinary oeuvre, which has few parallels in the panorama of international contemporary art. This plurality of media bears witness to his interdisciplinary artistic practice, which overcomes the separations and hierarchies existing between the various forms.

Curated by Maurizio Nannucci and Emanuele Dedonno
Graphic Design: Luigi Amato.
Published by Viaindustriae publishing with Colli publishing platform
Printed by Grafiche C.M.F Foligno, (PG), Italy
Edition of 1000 copies
17 x 25 cm (softcover)
600 pages (color & b/w ill.)
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I’ll do my best to paint the winds green
Roberto De Simone
Viaindustriae publishing con COLLI publishing platform


A cura di / Edited by Céline Brothier, Emanuele De Donno, Myriam Laplante
Edito da / Published by Viaindustriae publishing, Foligno
in collaborazione con / in collaboration with COLLI publishing platform, Rome
Graphic Design / Viaundustriae studio
Fotogra e delle opere di / Photography by Roberto De Simone
tranne / except Stefano Fontebasso di Martino / p. 21, 31, 32, 33, 34, 49, 52, 58, 75, 76, 80, 93, 94 Claudio Abate / p. 85, 86, 90
Céline Brothier: cover, p. 11, 40, 45, 87
Supporto Editoriale / Editorial Support / Alice Mazzarella, Matteo Pompili
Testi e opere di / Works and texts by Roberto De Simone


Catalogue of the exhibition
Per dipingere i venti, per disegnare dal vero. Roberto De Simone
15 gennaio – 21 febbraio 2016
COLLI independent art gallery
Via di Monserrato, 40, Roma
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