With the Eyes of the Earth
Markus Karstiess


Markus Karstiess, Claudio Abate, Roberth Smithson, With the Eyes of the Earth, Colli publishing platform, 500 copies, 38.5 x 28, 2018, produced for the exhibition With the Eyes of the Earth, 2018, Roma.

49 years ago Robert Smithson made his first earthwork Asphalt Rundown in October 1969 in an abandoned quarry near Rome with Galleria L’Attico. This publication brings together rare and previously unpublished material from the Archivio Claudio Abate  and Fabio Sargentini (Galleria L’Attico) documenting the iconic flow and the exhibition Smithson realized inside Galleria L’Attico, as well as sculptures and video works from Markus Karstiess who made a dig for the remains of the asphalt in 2014.

In the exhibition With the Eyes of the Earth, conceived by Markus Karstiess, the artist practices what in some places might be called artistic research. That is to say, rather, Markus Karstiess is following through in a personal quest in this exhibition, into what remains of Robert Smithson’s Asphalt Rundown (1969), located in Rome. Karstiess finds himself in the combined role of artist-curator. This already provides a glimpse into the complex nature of his artistic oeuvre, a lens to the exhibition itself, which in turn consists of diverse visible and invisible individual components.


Goodbye America
Brad Feuerhelm


“What then of our cherished civility? What then of this dreadful order of things that enables us to sustain the mediocrity of a politics of small differences? Better to leave it to them. It’s only a matter of time before the incessant chatter of sports heroes and TV personalities spools so tightly around its tricolour shroud to choke every last breath of meaning from the body politic.” Ryan Mahan

Goodbye America is the new volume by Brad Feuerhelm (La Crosse, 1977). Feuerhelm drives us throughout an images sequence on which he activate a destructive process, a target shooting on every kind of “american dream” decline. The volume includes essays by Anthony Faramelli and Ryan Mahan.

“The images that Brad Feuerhelm collected, smashed, scratched, distressed, destroyed shows the perverse ideological core of American culture in agonising clarity. It is almost as if Feuerhelm were trying to literally tear away the simulacrum in order to expose the “desert of the real”, the void at the heart of the American experiment. In their un—altered form, these photos deliver powerful messages of community, freedom of consumption, and sexual liberation: the American promise that you can “have it all” by simply surrendering to the authority of America’s ideological culture and its logic of exchange. By negating these liberal narratives Feuerhelm takes aim at the so—called “American dream” and formulates a fundamentally nihilist politics that rejects the promise of a better tomorrow.
This is a politics that shatters the idea of the American epoch, not by questioning whether history has come to an end, but rather by questioning if history ever really began.
Perhaps this is Feuerhelm’s way of saying goodbye to America. His way of leaving a promise land where the milk has soured and the honey has turned to amber. But saying goodbye does not mean that he has left. Leaving is a process that is never complete. The events that structured the need for this book’s political and philosophic intervention will continue to return and haunt the world long after the American empire has turned to dust.” Anthony Faramelli

by Brad  Feuerhelm
edited by Giandomenico Carpentieri, Achille Filipponi
Graphic design Giandomenico Carpentieri, Achille Filipponi
Published by Yard Press with Colli publishing platform
Printed by Grafiche CMF, Foligno (PG), Italy
limited edition of 300 copies
21,5 x 32cm, paperback twist-stitching
176 pages (color & b/w ill.)
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Eurovisions, Performativity and Playgrounds


SPORTIFICATION is a long term research and a set of cultural actions based on several archives about “historical” Eureopean TV casts or Eurovisions (Games without frontiers/Jeux Sans Frontieres/Spiel Onhe Grenzen). Sportification/società, agonismi e giochi senza frontiere (Sportification / eurovisions, performativity and playgrounds), analyzes, with an interdisciplinary approach, the issue of agonism in the public and game in contemporary cities/societies. Sportification  is an inter-disciplinary research focused on analyzing the subject of sport, of agon and of game nowadays. The basis of the work is a critical-comparative and sociological analysis dictated by a wide archive of images and videos of the famous tv-show Giochi Senza Frontiere / Jeux Sans Frontieres / Spiel Onhe Grenzen / It’s a Knockout, which constitues a master guide and a “true” archeology of the competitive action from the times of picturesque villages, to Eurovision, passing through the postpolitical era of European Community. The project deals both with the utopia of a playful society and with the social musculature leading to “sportification” of the collective body and to politicization of sport. It includes several text-contributions: David Robbins, Cesare Pietroiusti, Alexander Skidan (Chto Delat), Luisa Perlo, Claudio Cravero, Cecilia Casorati, Sven Luttiken, Valentin Torrens, Fabio Cafagna, Krzysztof Gutfrański, Gunnar Schmidt, Boris Nieslony, Tom Marioni, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Elena Volpato, Denis Isaia, Lisa Le Feuvre, Myriam Laplante, Armin Linke, Gianni Magrin. In the book you will find memorabilia, games, masquerade with critical contributions of experts and researchers on the connection between art, sport and society, european and community policies.

by Franco Ariaudo, Luca Pucci
edited by Emanuele De Donno
Graphic design Federico Antonini
Published by Viaindustriae publishing with Colli publishing platform
Printed by Grafiche CMF, Foligno (PG), Italy
offset, printed in 1 color (black), 3 colors (RYB), 4 colors (CMYK)
edition of 800 copies
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
600 pages (color & b/w ill.)
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Continuous Days
Parco Lambro, Milano 29/5/1975 - 26/6/1976 foto di Dino Fracchia


Italian photojournalist Dino Fracchia was born in Milan in 1950 and began his professional career with the newspaper ‘l’Unità’ in 1974. Around that time, counterculture newspapers such as the magazine ‘Re Nudo’ (The Naked King) were being printed. These organized two large rock music rallies (named ‘Youth Festival of the proletariat’) in Parco Lambro, Milan, modelled after the peace and love atmosphere of Woodstock (1969). Fracchia’s camera recorded these large-scale happenings in unambiguous detail, gatherings of the radical left which would eventually culminate in Bologna’s violent clashes of 1977. Countless images capture the vibe of this fleeting historical moment.

photographs by Dino Fracchia
Published by: A+Mbookstore, Viaindustriae con Colli publishing platform
Printed by Grafiche CMF Foligno (PG), Italy
edition of 800 copies
16.5 x 25 cm (soft-cover)
512 pages (b/w ill)
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