The third project-book, titled SPORTIFICATION, links both the project-room 1 and 2 (Palmarès by Luca Pucci and The Pitcher by Franco Ariaudo) conceived as a display that anticipates the issue of the book at the end of January. Spotification, communities, competitiveness and games without borders, is indeed the title of the publication that gather together the outcomes of the two project-residency of the gallery, and the result of three years of research of the artists with the specific contributions of various curators and experts of competitiveness in the recreational-social European space.


On the occasion of the publication of YES YES YES alternative press, Colli presents his first project-book, a particular display created with the purpose to illustrate and allow the audience to leaf through the volume. The hefty and extensive catalogue is the result of a long research on the European and American alternative press called 66′-77′ from Provo to Punk. The book collects both a huge iconography extracted from approximately 500 magazines and important contributes from some protagonists of the historical alternative scene as James Herod, David Goines, Steven Heller, Melchiorre Gerbino, Coen Tasman, Matteo Guarnaccia, Trina Robbins, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, John Wilcock.