Batia Suter (b. 1967) Swiss-born, Amsterdam-based artist, studied at the art academies of Zuerich and Arnhem (NL), and was also trained at the Werkplaats Typografie. Suter produces monumental prints of digitally manipulated images for specific locations, and works on photo-animations, image sequences and collages, often using found pictures. In 2007 she published the voluminous book Parallel Encyclopedia (Roma Publication 100) containing a composition of images taken from books she has collected along the years. Her second book Surface Series (Roma Publication 160), published in 2011, is an evocative montage of found images exploring the diverse resonances of geological landscape and visual surface. The underlying themes of Batia Suter’s practice are the ‘iconification’ and ‘immunogenicity’ of images, and the circumstances by which they become charged with new associative values. Her work intuitively situates old images in new contexts to provoke surprising reactions and significative possibilities. By this method, and with an attuned sensitivity to hidden harmonies and expressive accidents, Suter thus generates hypnagogic spaces where pictures can communicate by their own logic, in a force field of imaginative metamorphosis.
2019 ‘Elogi del malentes’ / Mataro Art Contemporani ES (group)
—- ‘Radial Grammar’ / MOMENTA Biennale de l’image / Montreal CA (group)
—- ‘Bookworks’ / MUMA Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne AU (group)
—- ‘Hexamiles (Mont-Voisin)’ Barrage de Mauvoisin / Museum Bagnes CH (solo)
—- ‘Hexamiles (Odysee)’ / Schaufenster, Kunstverein München DE (solo)
—- ‘Cloud Service’ / Printed Matter Inc., New York US (solo)
—- ‘Lost and Found’ / Lasalle Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore SG (group)
—- ‘des attentions’ / Credac, Paris FR (group)
—- ‘The Gulf Between’ / Cultuurhuis de Warande, Turnhout BE (group)
2018 ‘Parallel Encyclopedia Extended’ / The Polygon Gallery, Vancouver CA (group)
—- ‘Cream Cheese and Pretty Ribbons’ / Galerie Martin Janda, Wien AT (group)
—- ‘Radial Grammar’ / Le Bal, Paris FR (solo)
—- ‘Sole Summary’ / Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris FR (solo)
—- ‘Nature Grammar’ / SNCF Gare Montparnasse, Paris FR (solo)
—- ‘Swiss Art Awards’ / Bundesamt für Kultur, Art Basel CH (group)
—- ‘Deutsche Bšrse Photography Foundation Prize 2018’ / Museum fŸr Moderne Kunst (MMK), Frankfurt am Main DE (group)
—- ‘Rendez-vous met Frans Hals’ / Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem NL (group)
—- ‘Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2018′ / The Photographers’ Gallery, London GB (group)
—- ‘Some Things Hidden’ / Framer Framed, Amsterdam NL (group)
2017 ‘Flawa – Solo Annaquato’ in collaboration with Katinka Bock / Colli independent art gallery, Rome IT
—- ‘Arts & Music Festival Horst’ / Castel van Horst, Sint Pieters-Rode BE
—- ‘Les Nouveaux EncyclopŽdistes’ / Fotografia Europea 2017, Reggio Emilia IT (group)
—- ‘Spaces without drama or surface is an illusion, but so is depth’ / Graham Foundation, Madlener House, Chicago USA (group)
—- ‘A L’Antique’ / Musee des Antiquites (RMM) & FRAC Normandie, Rouen FR (group)
2016 ‘3500m2’ / Rome (Open City) IT (group)
—- ‘Where the Other Rests’ / Les Rencontres de la Photographie Arles (group)
—- ‘Artists’ Documents: Art, Typography and Collaboration’ / MMCA, Seoul, South Korea (group)
—- ‘For Every Purpose’ / P-Exclamation New York (group)
—- ‘Artists’ Documents: Art, Typography, and Collaboration’ / 3F Digital Information Center, MMCA Seoul (group)
—- ‘For Every Purpose’ / P-Exclamation New York (group)
—- ‘Quickscan’ / Fotomuseum Rotterdam (group)
2015 ‘Sea Of Ice’ / KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin DE
—- ‘Earth Effect’ / Fotografia Europea 2015, Reggio Emilia IT (group)
—- ‘Something Thrown in the Way of the Observer’ / Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam NL (group)
—- ‘The Whole World, Up To Today’ / Villa du Parc, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Annemasse F (group)
—- ‘De Fotokopie 4th Edition’ / Galerie De Schans with FOAM Amsterdam, Arles 2015, ‘Les Rencontres de la Photographie’ (group)
—- ‘YES YES YES alternative press’ / Colli Independent Art Gallery, Rome IT (group)
—- ‘Les recits de l’insu’, Micro Onde, Velizy-Villacoublay FR (group)
2014 ‘Roma Publications 1998-2014′, Fondazione Giuliani, Rome IT (group)
—- ’25x25x25’, Westfälisches Landesmuseum Münster DE (solo)
—- ‘Vanishing Point’, MIART in collaboration with Fantom Magazin and Macelleria, Milan IT (group)
—- ‘Various Artists’, curated by Marc Nagtzaam, Barbara Seiler Galerie, Zürich CH (group)
—- ‘Some Things Perishable’, Nest Den Haag NL (group)
—- ‘Staged City’, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam NL (group)
2013 ‘5 x 3’, Kunstraum Düsseldorf DE (group)
—– ‘Dublin Doubles’, Broadcast Gallery, Dublin IR
—– ‘Au dŽtour de la mer de nuages’, Galerie Florence Loewy, Paris FR
—– ‘Ladekastproject’, Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam (curated by Ellen Timmermans) DE
—– ‘Reiner Nachtwey und Batia Suter’ / Bridges 2013, Haus 34A, Bad Bentheim DE
—– ‘Beyond Frames’ / Reframe Festival, TAC Eindhoven NL (group)
—– ‘Two in the wave’ / Printroom Rotterdam NL (group)
—– ‘Perspectives on Collage’ / The Photographers Gallery London UK (group)
2012 ‘Lecture’ / Probe 17 (
—– ‘Dear Aby Warburg, what can be done with images?’ / Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen DE (group)
—– ‘Caverne Cabinet ou les objets du degluge’ / Biennale de Belleville II, Paris FR (group)
—– ‘Les Prairies’ / Les Ateliers de Rennes – Biennial for Contemporary Art, Frac Rennes FR (group)
—– ‘Autumn of modernism II’ / Temporary Gallery, Cologne DE (group)
—– ‘Esta puerta pide clavo’ / Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent BE (group)
—– ‘Roma Publications 1998-2012′ / Research Centre for Artists’ Publications, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Bremen DE (group)
—– ‘Atlas at last’ / ESADHaR, Rouen FR (group)
—– ‘Provisional Space’ / Castillo Corrales, Paris FR (group)
—– ‘Autumn of modernism’ / De Vleeshal, Middelburg NL (group)
2011 ‘Nos hicimos la ilusi—n de avanzar directamente’ / Espai Cultural Obra Social Caja Madrid, Barcelona ES (group)
—– ‘Hypothesis for an exibition’ / PSM Gallery, Berlin DE (group)
—– ‘Limits of an object’ / Forde, Geneva CH (group)
—– ‘Fantastique Elastique’ / Galerie Francesca Pia, Zürich CH (group)
—– ‘Voorkamer II’ / Les Brasseurs, Liege BE (group)
—– ‘Beyond the Dust, Artist’s Documents Today’ Part 3 / Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris FR (group)
2010 ‘Beyond the Dust, Artist’s Documents Today’ Part 2 / La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan IT (group)
—– ‘Beyond the Dust, Artist’s Documents Today’ Part 1 / De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal, Middelburg NL (group)
—– ‘Use Me, Abuse Me’ / New York Photo Festival #10, New York City USA (group)
—– ‘Roma Publications @ Motto Berlin’ / Motto, Berlin DE (group)
—– ‘Published by: Roma Publications’ / De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal, Middelburg NL (group)
2009 ‘Surface Series’ / Culturgest, Porto PT (solo)
—– ‘Mimes’ / Kalfayan Galleries, Athens, GR (group)
—– ‘Wall House #2 / Groningen NL (solo)
2008 ‘Het torentje’ / Almelo NL (solo)
—– ‘The Garden of Cyrus’ / Gennevilliers public Art Centre, Paris FR (group)
—– ‘Found, Gevonden, Trouve’ / Voorkamer, Lier BE (group)
—– ‘The Order Of Things’ / MuHKA, Antwerpen BE (group)
2007 ‘A Few Artists’ Books, Roma Publications and Christoph Keller’ / ProjecteSD, Barcelona SP (group)
—– ‘Nieuwe Collectie’ / Stedelijk Museum Wuyts-Van Campen & Baron Caroly, Lier BE (group)
2006 ‘Vademen’ / Stadsgalerij Heerlen NL (group)
—– ‘Roma Publications’ / Culturgest, Lisbon PT (group)
2005 ‘Circuitos-Circuits’ / Matucana 100, Santiago de Chile CL (group)
—– ‘Interval’ / Consortium, Amsterdam NL (group)
—– ‘Auswahl 05’ / Kunsthaus Aarau CH (group)
—– ‘Mixed Pickels’ / k3 project space, Zurich CH (group)
2004 ‘R3′ / Rothenbaumchaussee 173, Hamburg DE (group)
—– Wettbewerb für bildende Kunst der Stadt Zürich’ / Helmhaus, Zürich CH (group)
—– Maria Kapel / Hoorn NL (group)
—– Galerie Hans-Trudel-Haus / Baden CH (solo)
2003 ‘WOMAN’ De verleiding op straat / Centraal Museum, Utrecht NL (group)
—– ‘Storage & Display’ / Programa Art Center, Mexico City MX (group)
—– Eidgenoessischer Wettbewerb fuer bildende Kunst / Basel CH (group)
—– ‘Snippets’ / Museum voor moderne Kunst, Arnhem NL (group)
—– ‘Salto del Agua’ / De Geele Rijder, Arnhem NL (group)
—– ‘O1’ / Hamburg DE (group)
2002 ‘Evergreen’ / Galerie Stefan Rasche, Muenster DE (solo)
—– Mama Cash Prijs / ‘Het Botenhuis’, Rotterdam NL (group)
—– ‘SMAX’ / Villa de Bank, Enschede NL (group)
—– Wettbewerb fuer bildende Kunst der Stadt Zürich / Helmhaus, Zürich CH (group)
—– ‘Made in Arnhem’ / Museum voor moderne Kunst, Arnhem NL (group)
—– Aargauer Kuratorium – Kunstkredit 2002 / Spinnerei Kunz, Windisch CH (group)
—– ‘Among Friends – Entre Amis’ / La Plate-Forme, Dunkerque F (group)
—– ‘Neubau #2’ / Galerie Stefan Rasche, Muenster DE (group)
—– ‘Roma Publications’ / Kršller Müller Museum, Otterlo NL (group)
2001 ‘Biennale Gelderland’ / Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen NL (group)
—– ‘Zie onder canape’ / Villa de Bank, Enschede NL (group)
—– ‘City Jam #2’ / Hooghuis, Arnhem NL (group)
—– ‘Rotonde #3’ / CBKN, Nijmegen NL (group)
2000 ‘Room’ / Academiegalerie, Utrecht NL (group)
—– ‘Hotel’ / CBK, Nijmegen NL (group)
—– ‘Zwitserland on the move’ / Tent, Rotterdam NL (group)
1999 ‘Speciale aanmaak’ / Artis, Den Bosch NL (group)
—– ‘Bountyeiland’ / Archipel, Apeldoorn NL (group)
1998 ‘Blow Up’ / Hooghuis, Arnhem NL (group)
1997 ‘Under My Skin’ / Artis, Den Bosch NL (group)
—- ‘Ateliers Arnhem’ / Museum voor moderne Kunst, Arnhem NL (group)
1996 ‘Vervolgens’ / Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam NL (group)
—– Stelling Gallery / Leiden NL (group)
—– ‘Crossoverall’ / De Fabriek, Eindhoven NL (group)
—– ‘No Content, No Show’ / W139, Amsterdam NL (group)
—– ‘Biennale Gelderland’ / Museum voor moderne Kunst, Arnhem NL (group)
2018 Nomination Swiss Art Awards 2018, Bundesmat fŸr Kultur Switzerland CH
—– Nomination Parallel Encyclopedia #2 / Deutsche Bšrse Photography Foundation Prize 2018
2017 ‘Parallel Encyclopedia #2’ in selection Kassel Photobook Award 2017 DE
—– ‘Parallel Encyclopedia #2’ in selection Best Verzorgde Boeken 2016 NL
2016 ‘Parallel Encyclopedia #2’ shortlisted for the 2016 Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards USA
2012 Publicationsubsidie / Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam NL
—– Basissubsidie / Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam NL
—– Nomination Photobook Award 2012 / 5th International Photobook Festival, Kassel DE
2010 Publicatiesubsidie, Fonds voor beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam NL
2008 ‘Parallel Encyclopedia’ in selection Best Verzorgde Boeken 2007 NL
2005 Druckkostenbeitrag, Aargauer Kuratorium Aarau CH
2004 Hans-Trudel-Kunstpreis, Baden CH
—– Projectsubsidie, Provincie Gelderland, Arnhem NL
—– Basissubsidie, Fonds voor beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam NL
—– Werkbeitrag des Kantons Zürich CH
2002 Werkbeitrag des Kantons Zürich CH
—– Werkbeitrag des Aargauer Kuratoriums CH
—– Euregio-Kunstpreis, Kunstverein Art Euregio, Kleve DE and GBK, Arnhem NL
2001 Werkbeurs, Fonds voor beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam NL
1997 Kiefer Hablitzelstipendium CH
Yard, screenprint on 140 gsm uncoated paper, edition of 50 numbered and signed copies, 100 x 140 cm, 2015.


Tevere #2, inkjet print on paper, 90 x 135 cm ,  2017.


Tevere #1, inkjet print on paper, 90 x 135 cm,  2017.


Flava, A3 laser prints installation, edition of 10 copies, 2017.