7 W 84th Street—NYC 1972

yaauthor Fabrizio Cardone, publisher Yard Press, limited edition in 300 copies, 194 pp., size 32 x 22 cm, 2017

Fabrizio Carbone (1942) is an Italian journalist, writer and painter. Conceived by Michele Manfellotto 7W 84TH STREET NYC 1972 is the first monograph by Carbone and contains only unpublished pictures. In 1972 moved to the United States, to write culture editorials as a correspondent. During that year, he took the photographs collected in this volume, which have remained unpublished until now. Quit the job in late 1972: the newspa- per he wrote for supported the American bombings of Hanoi. But that’s no all, as carbone wrote on his text indeed: “The story of my American adventure is linked to Ellen Burke. The first time I went to the United States was with her, in 1970. We had been married for a short while and her parents invited us over for vacation..”, in his New York we can find all of this: affections, America saw trough the lens of an Italian communist immersed in its fascination and criticism both. Page by page we can find this list of moments, scenes, fragile pictures crowd, some almost identical: first of all this book is a draft, a visual notes sequence (most of them will become also drawings). Daintiness rules, flowing vision of a non-photographer; each step on the streets and the related image is part of something bigger, outcome of a deep and complex sensitivity, a perception of things that doesn’t force each time to translate itself necessarily into a perfect picture, but remains and survives in the profoundness of the complete drawing, a human, exploratory, delicate pastiche.

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