Are you kidding

afSusanne Meyer, publisher Edition Patrick Frey, 1° edition, 96 pp., size 16 x 25 cm, 2014
Are you kidding is an artist’s book about a love affair in the 1990s. It comprises a collection of the artist’s photographs, letters, postcards, album covers, landscapes, and sundry other material documenting the course of the relationship between the young Susanne Meyer and a Norwegian named Amund, who took his own life in 1994.
Are you kidding retraces this love affair discreetly and yet poignantly. Meyer’s carefully conceived juxtaposition of her own photos and outside material subtly evokes the meetings, travels and interests of the two young lovers, leaving it up to us, however, to fill in the blanks with our own memories and images. This fragmentary narrative approach transposes a deeply personal love story into a general archetypal tale of youth, love and death.