Blank Spot Cartography

endofauthor Sandra Kuehne, publisher Kodoji press, 1° edition, 128 pp., size 11 x 17.5 cm2015

Blank Spot Cartography is a lexicon by Sandra Kühne. A slim, white publication, it contains approximately one hundred notes, quotations, pictures and definitions ordered alphabetically by thematic headings that include Atlantis, a beginning, choropleth map, non-site, various convictions and 1(000) dog(s). Under ‘Odyssey Dawn’ the reader finds a list of military operations, for example; under ‘Plan’ is an image of a page from Flaubert’s manuscript for Madame Bovary. Numerous entries are cross-referenced or contain extensive footnotes; significant sections of text are struck through. Paper, lines and cutting are central to Kühne’s artistic practice. Printed materials are frequently used as media; she employs set lines wherever she finds them, be that in texts, maps or illustrations. Her interventions into and constructions with these materials emphasise the tension between the assurance of print and its fallibility.

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