Come Vanno Le Cose?

cioauthor Charles Mazè, Coline Sunier, publisher Bat editions, 1° edition, 36 pp. size 26.6 x 38 cm, 2015

Come vanno le cose? [How are things going?] is a collection of 1,512 inscriptions found on walls in Rome between September 2014 and February 2015, which could be attributed to a single person whose identity remains unknown. This collection displays a variety of signs, which are here deconstructed, transcribed and categorized in types of form and content, revealing a particular use of writing: conscious, obsessive, articulated and wild. Come vanno the cose? is a corpus of contemporary Roman inscriptions, which testifies the importance of language—institutional as well as popular—in the collective space of the streets, where freely scribbled messages can be read on the same walls as carved ones ad vitam æternam in stone.

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