ED/MN Edition and Multiples 1967/2016 – Always Endeavor To Find Some Interesting Variation
Maurizio Nannucci


aweauthor Maurizio Nannucci, publisher Viaindustriae publishing + COLLI publishing platform, 1000 copies, 416 pp., size 25 x 17 cm, 2016

Focusing on Italian contemporary artist Maurizio Nannucci’s practice, this book offers for the first time a comprehensive overview of his extraordinary creativity as publisher and producer of editions and multiples, as well as artists’ books, catalogues, prints, photographs, posters, records, and more. His field of research has expanded since the 1960s, exploring language and the intersection of disciplines such as linguistics, literature, music, philosophy, and architecture. With a plethora of images and archival documents, as well as critical essays, the origins of fundamental aspects of Nannucci’s artistic vision and his attitude to develop art as an open social project are detailed.