fortunaAA.VV., publisher Viaindustriae publishing, first edition, 2 CD, 2 booklets 12 + 12 pp., size 12.5 x 14 cm, 2015

Fortuna is a sound art project in 2 CD, 2 booklets on a cardboard box and dust jacket. The result is the recording of a process and path of soundworks, radio stations, poetic visions and actions between the public and the private. “Sequences in 6×6, the tragic childhood space” in itself is volume, threshold, transition from a private age to a public one related to the school period. “Sequences in 6×6” is the remembrance of the mechanism by which the girl and the woman meet each other in the text. Written in 2004 between Rimini and Bremen, “Sequences in 6×6” is a biographical poetic text in a game between mothers and daughters – they swapped positions in a è cgenealogical complexity and ambiguity. “Sequences in 6×6” unfolds like cinema/photographic paintings, sinks in childhood/motherhood.