Happy & Convoy

convoyauthor Rolf Graf, publisher Edition Fink, 1° edition, 368 pp., size 27 x 19.2 cm, 2005

This vast collection of drawings were executed by a Romanian artist who works under the pseudonym, Happy & Convoy. While living on the streets in Bucharest, Happy & Convoy met Berlin-based Swiss artist, Rolf Graf, who acquired works from him, edited and published this book. The pen and pencil drawings hold a slightly disjointed continuity of content, ranging from weaponry (especially knives, pistols and axes) to fantastical Blake-like dream-scapes, to meticulous still-life and architectural renderings. The book features a removable slipcase, underneath which is a blank softcover, so that the book and it’s drawings may one day return to anonymity following their creator.

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