Hermann Nitsch


nitschauthor Emanuele De Donno, Italo Tomassoni, Giuseppe Morra, publisher: Viaindustriae publishing, 800 copies, 222 pp, 24 x 16.5 cm, 2017.  This book looks at the work of Austrian avant-garde artist Hermann Nitsch, particularly his ritualistic and existential “public aktionen” under the Orgies Mysterien Theater. Presented through the documentation of these events as they were recorded (scored, directed, written down, photographed, published, and reported), this archiving method explores Nitsch’s performative practice, both in terms of how the performance is organised and by what means the organisation is effected by the original and primary scripts the artist prepared for his own actions. The book includes detailed materials, among them images, sketches, texts, staging, choreography, sound, and music.