in-sirenisGiovanni Lami, publisher Danilo Montanari, edition of 500 copies, size 16.5 × 24 cm vinil 12 inch, 2012
LP edition, documenting and salvaging the sonic particularities of the Ravenna harbour.
“By “noise” we mean all the sounds that surround us every day, but the idea of an uncontaminated natural landscape, or of a singular sound event isolated from the context is impossible to realize and undeniably limiting. The artificial is now an integral part of contemporary sound and image landscape, sometimes almost a synonym thereof.
In Ravenna harbour area, largely industrialized spaces intermingle with natural expanses of water; human activities, the moovements of goods and vessels, and heavy anthropization lie side by side with protected wetlands.
This project will bring these sounds into the city: decontextualized and only partially processed they will take the listener into a reality that is often unknown to the locals and never dealt with through its soundscape.”