j'accusauthor Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, publishers Pork Salad Press, edition of 1200 copies, 240 pp., size 17 × 12  cm, 2006

This small, portable paperback presents a survey of Henrik Plenge Jakobsen’s interactive installations, paintings, performances, and public art projects from 1993 – 2005. As an artist invested in defining premises and categories not yet formulated by society – in areas of economics, entertainment, and the art market – Jakobsen’s work employs subversive humor, advertising techniques, and whatever else is necessary to engage the viewer as an active participant. Each piece – from his 1992 “Of Light and Love and Immorality” to “The Mineral Judges” of 2005 – is illustrated by a color photograph and short description written by the artist. With additional texts by Karl Holmqvist and Marianne Torp plus an interview by Lars Bang Larsen.

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