La Verifica Intuitiva
Audrey Cottin and Geraldine Gourbe


veriauthors Audrey Cottin and Geraldine Gourbe, publisher Viaindustriae publishing, first edition of 500 copies, 80 pp., size 20.8 x 15 cm, 2015

Audrey Cottin & Géraldine Gourbe present “La Verifica Intuitiva”, a 45 minutes cinematographic-edition in live and in preview at Merz’s Foundation, Turin on October 31th at 7pm. A cinematographic-edition is a relevant collaborative and performative platform to approach ways in which moving images – from magic lanterns to YouTube posts – perpetually re-draw the lines of sharing between those who experiment these images, constantly reconfiguring different space-time both fictionalized and live…