The Nomadic Studio, Art, Life and the Colonisation of Meanwhile Space

NOMADICauthor Michael Heilgemeir, publisher Edition Taube, 1° edition, 292 pp., size 27 × 20 cm, 2013

The Nomadic Studio is an enquiry into the role of the artist studio within processes of re–development in cities today, and portrays the spirit of an artists’ commune working in temporary urban sites. Operating as case study, this photographic perspective encompasses a set of vignettes, reflections, facts and fantasies extracted from the lifeworld of a transitional artist led community and its 18 months in creative habitation of a complex of defunct council premises in Bermondsey, South London.

Including texts and interviews with contributors Mike Nelson, Jonathan Harvey, Ron Henocq and Fran Cottell. With works and appearances by Thorbjørn Andersen, Tasha Aulls, Elena Bajo, Ruth Beale, Ciaran Begley, Steve Bishop, Ben Burgis, Tamsin Casswell, Adam Christensen, Neil Clements, Ben Connors, Fran Cottell, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Blue Curry, Annie Davey and Luis Carvajal, Tim Devas, Claudia Djabbari, Philip Ewe, Mark Fell, Alastair Frazer, Malcom Gauldie, Richard Hards, Rowena Harris, Jonathan Harvey, Annie Hémond Hotte, Ron Henocq, Tony Hill, Joey Holder, Toby Huddlestone, Emily Hussey, Laurence Hussey, Trevor Kiernander, Hye Young Ku, Betsy Lundquist, Oliver MacDonald for Gandt, Nick McQueen, Stuart Middleton, Jasiek Mischke, Mike Nelson, Thom O’Nions, P.A.S.T. Projects, Jonathan Parkinson, Ben Parry and Jacques Chauchat, Faye Peacock, Naomi Pearce, Ksenia Pedan, Hendrik Schneider, Richard Sides, Adam Thompson, Tom Trevatt, Josh Walsh, Joe Watling, Angharad Williams, Burcu Yagcioglu and Kentaro Yamada.

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