COLLI independent art gallery is born as a space for contemporary art in Rome dedicated to the dialogue between works of art and printed matter, between editions and multiples, and the "unique" work. The venue hosts project rooms with artists and cooperative operations with other spaces, editorial research projects, and museum institutions. The structure is divided into three main areas: the art space that hosts the exhibition programs of artists, the editorial platform, a collaborative tool for publishing and co-editing unpublished and research projects, and the bookstore, a direct sales shop but also a bibliographic studio for specialized consultations aimed at private collections, museums, and archives in the field of rare and artist's contemporary publishing. The works proposed and the productions of the exhibitions will deal with mixed media installations, "unique" and specific works, rare and artist's off-media publishing, photography, editions, and multiples.

Director: Edoardo Colli
Art Program: Emanuele De Donno
Printing: Grafiche Cmf
COLLI ROMA: Via di Monserrato 103, 00186, Roma
COLLI FOLIGNO: Via Emanuela Setticarraro 18/20, 06034, Foligno
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