Dexter Sinister

Bulletins of The Serving Library #2

January 2012, English, 16.5×23.5 cm, 160 pages, 8 color and 69 b/w ill., softcover ISBN 978-1-934105-90-0 contributions by Dimmi Davidoff, Rob Giampietro, Anthony Huberman, Július Koller, Perri MacKenzie, Junior Aspirin Records, David Senior, Jan Verwoert, David Fischli & Peter Weiss

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Bulletins of The Serving Library #2 continues the trajectory begun by DOT DOT DOT, Dexter Sinister’s previous house journal which ran for ten years and twenty issues. This issue grew out of two physical incarnations of The Serving Library in 2011. The first took place from July 4–August 10 in the Walter Phillips Gallery of the Visual Arts department at The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada. Here they set up a model of the library’s projected interior to house a six-week summer school titled From the Toolbox of a Serving Library. The school comprised daily morning seminars, supplemented by a few evening events. Each week was based on a specific component from a (Photoshop-proxy) digital software toolbox, in order to reconsider what a contemporary (Bauhaus-proxy) Foundation Course might most usefully comprise. The second opened on October 29 and at the time of writing remains installed at Artists Space, New York. Here the same model serves more as a mini-expo in view of an eventual fixed home, alongside a parallel three-screen projection concerned with “Identity.”